At Long Island Smile, we can make simple repairs and improve the aesthetics of your teeth using composite material through a process called Bonding. Our dentists, Neal Seltzer, DMD and Jeffrey Rein, DDS, can make a significant difference for a significantly less cost than other restoration options. Dental Bonding is not for everyone or every situation, but dental bonding does have useful applications that many of our patients love.

What is dental bonding?

This procedure repairs chips, cracks, and can cover stains on your teeth. To do this, we apply a composite material, this is a blend of quartz and resin, and it is highly durable. This tooth-colored blend is applied, shaped, and hardened to the surface of your teeth. This is generally done for smaller repairs, and will not offer the same longevity or durability of other options including dental crowns or veneers. What patients like is that bonding can be done in one office visit, opposed to two, and it is significantly less in cost.

What can you repair with bonding?

We are able to make simple repairs using composite filling including:
Teeth that have chips
Filling in gaps
Repair cracks
Hide discoloration
Add length to a tooth to even it out
Change the shape in your teeth to match neighboring teeth

Here's how it works:

One of our dentists, Dr. Seltzer or Dr. Rein, will prepare your tooth surface so that the material can adhere to the tooth. We will then apply the composite. Once that's been applied, our dentist will shape it, testing your bite, and polish it to give a natural appearance. With the help of a specialized blue light, we allow the material to harden. The tooth is finished with a buff to smooth it out. The look is pretty flawless, and the product is more durable than most people assume, you may find that this restoration lasts several years.

This is not a process that we recommend for patients who smoke, as it will stain the composite and darken. Also, we remind patients that the material used is not going to be as durable as porcelain veneers and crowns, it will chip more easily. Eventually, it may require replacing.

Why do our patients love dental bonding?

Our patients love how fast and easy they can have a fractured or chipped tooth repaired. This option is a perfectly adequate and affordable solution to simple dental problems. Dental bonding generally does not even require anesthesia. Additionally, frequently, we have found that insurance is willing to cover this procedure when they will not cover the entire cost of larger restorations such as crowns or veneers.

Don't procrastinate a simple solution to a dental problem, our team at Long Island Smile are here to answer your questions about time, cost, or if any pain is to be expected. Ask our dentists if perhaps dental bonding can be a solution for you.

For more information on dental bonding or composite fillings, contact our Williston Park, NY 11596 office. (516) 243-7473

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