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Single Tooth Anesthesia
Williston Park, NY

Woman smiling at dentist while talking about single tooth anesthesia from Long Island Smile in Williston Park, NYOur dentists, Dr. Neal Seltzer and Dr. Jeffrey Rein are able to provide specific care for your needs. We are proud to utilize the latest in dental anesthesia – Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA). With about half of patients fearing the dentist, this system reduces anxiety, pain, and discomfort following their procedure.

At Long Island Smile, we are dedicated to providing the latest technology for our patients. We recognize that dentistry is a rapidly advancing science that we continuously stay updated on through continuing education. This means that our treatments are more efficient and more comfortable as well.

What is single tooth anesthesia?

Many patients tell us that the worst part of dental treatments is the dull numbness they feel for hours following their procedure. Some patients even choose to endure the pain of a procedure versus being numbed. With Single Tooth Anesthesia, only the affected area is numbed. We do not numb your cheek, your lips, or your tongue. Using a computer, it controls the delivery of medication directly to a precise location and delivers a controlled amount of anesthesia.

Patients love the STA system because:
bullet list graphic The anesthesia takes effect immediately
bullet list graphic Your speech is not impaired due to numbness
bullet list graphic There is no fear of biting your lip
bullet list graphic There is no fear of biting your cheeks or tongue
bullet list graphic There is no drooling
bullet list graphic The anesthesia wears off quickly

How is it done?

Using a wand instrument, our dentists, Dr. Neal Seltzer and Dr. Jeffrey Rein, are able to directly apply the anesthesia directly where it is needed. No needles, no pain, this system gives the precise anesthesia needed in the exact place it’s needed.

Who can receive single tooth anesthesia?

We are able to provide STA to our patients of all ages. In fact, this system is ideal for everyone because:
bullet list graphic No syringes, this is a pain free anesthesia
bullet list graphic Limited medication, you are receiving far less anesthesia
bullet list graphic No pain, no discomfort

With no wait time for the anesthesia to take effect, that means less time in the chair, something all of our patients prefer to hear. What’s more, patients are able to eat immediately following their procedure, no recovery time. Less anxiety, no pain, no numbness after, the STA is a great advancement.

For more information on Single Tooth Anesthesia, contact Long Island Smile at our Williston Park, NY 11596 office. (516) 243-7473.
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Single Tooth Anesthesia at Long Island Smile | Dentist Williston Park, NY
No need to fear the dentist. Our Single Tooth Anesthesia system reduces anxiety, pain, and discomfort following your procedure. Make an appointment today.
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